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  • Keep your fire burning

    ocean rock violinKeep your fire burning

    Today I’m here to discuss a topic that affects you no matter what career path you choose and it’s something that can help in all aspects of life whether it’s a job, a relationship even a holiday, motivation is the key to getting things done and getting things done with the satisfaction you desire. It doesn’t matter what you do in your life, but whatever you take on, you need the motivation there to back you. What is motivation? Motivation is the energy and passion you need to achieve your dream goal and accomplish a task that will consequently fill you  with pride, comfort and security. But how do we spark motivation? Usually when we get an idea and we want to achieve something that is the initial spark that helps get us on our way to attaining what we are training to reach. The important thing however is to keep that fire burning and not let it burn out, meaning we need to supplement our motivation daily so we don’t burn out and give up and lose focus on what our end goal is. We need to always remember what got us started in the first place and realise that not everything is simple but when you push past the difficulty, there will be praise. And that praise will drive that motivation further and further for more future success. It is so vital, that when you have that motivation to surround yourself with individuals who have that some intense motivation and drive to pursuit whatever goal they are chasing. We must always look at our role models, our heroes and the people that inspire us to do the things we do. We see them on TV, hear them on the radio, see them in magazine and we see what we desire. We desire success. And the problem I believe we have is that when we put in the effort to achieve that we want and we don’t receive it as quickly as we expected, we quit. That’s the problem. We have to put ourselves in our hero’s shoes, that if each time they found it tough, if they quit, they wouldn’t be the accomplished person they are now. The important thing is to constantly nurture and feed your motivation daily, to inspire you to accomplish goals daily knowing you are one step closer. If you walk into a room where people are negative and you feel they are draining your energy and drive, I suggest you leave that room. It will only benefit you. Our workspace should only inspire us to reach new heights we have never reached before, and every time you know your one step closer, that brings a new lift of motivation. What I want to say is keep adding fuel to that fire and keep that dream a light. And all your dreams will come true. In my next blog – Practice tips
  • Three generations of musical talent

      Three generations of musical talent came together when Griffith University Queensland Conservatorium violin student, Daniel Tagiev, performed to acclaim in his family’s homeland of Azerbaijan. Link to the article here: Three generations of musical talent  
  • Высокая честь

    Высокая честь – пpедставлять тpетье поколение музыкантов нашей семьи на. Скрипкой Даниэль начал заниматся в возрасте 6 лет у своего отца, который, отработав 5 лет по контракту, открыл свою собственную скрипичную студию. Пеpвый успех пришел к Даниэлю в возрасте 8 лет, когда он получил на городском конкурсе приз, как наиболее перспективный юный музыкант, из рук концертмейстера Квинслендского Симфонического Оркестра Аллана Смита. Read more: